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Curtis Wambach, M.S., Senior Biologist & Owner, has over 15 years of environmental consulting experience in the public, private, and energy sectors. Experience includes Federal, State, and local environmental permitting, wetland & stream studies, jurisdictional determinations, wildlife studies, vegetation studies, rare and endangered species, Biological Assessments (BAs), mitigation plans, and much more. Mr. Wambach recently gained valuable experience in managing environmental permits for Southern California Edison (SCE) on the $350 million Eldorado-Ivanpah Transmission Project (EITP) project.


EnviroVector originally incorporated in 2003 as Pacific Environmental and then as PE Consultants LLC 2005. Our mission is to provide a wide spectrum of professional products & services to satisfy your environmental permitting needs. Our niche has been to provide simple and succinct solutions to complex environmental issues that involve intricate land use proposals. Our policy is to optimize usable area on a property while providing agencies with a reasonable plan for approval. Our mastery of Federal, State, and local regulatory codes liberates our Clients from the confusing and sometimes stifling restrictions of land use regulations and allows us to provide land use entitlement for land owners, small business, and developers. Our mastery of biology and environmental science allows us to prepare excellent environmental reports approved by regulatory Agencies. Our ultimate goal is to educate and empower our clients to succeed in their land use objectives, while providing plans that preserve and enhance the environment.


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