In 2014, Thurston & Pierce County listed four Gopher species as threatened under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

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The challenge

Are you concerned whether your property is in MPG habitat?

The Mazama Pocket Gopher prairie habitat occupy a wide range of grasslands, particularly if they include a significant component of forbs, such as clover (Trifolium), lupines (Lupinus), Common Dandelions (Taraxicum officianale), False Dandelions (Nothocalais Greene), and Common Camas (Camassia).


The current state

MPG's prefer prairie soil

Most of the largest historical prairies have gravelly soils (e.g. Spanaway or Spanaway-Nisqually complex unit); these gravelly soils often support gophers, but apparently at lower density than the more preferred sandy loams or loamy sands.

The solution

Every subterranean mammal prefers different environmental conditions, food sources and leave behind specific key identifiers. Our team has not only honed in on these key identifiers, we have gone a step further by producing options which work within Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Federal agencies.

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